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Talon Test Systems' T-BERT is a comprehensive, automated data performance analyzer for Installation and Repair Technicians and Network Analysts. Test and qualify your Local Access facilities and networks to support dial-up data services from 300 baud to V.90/56Kbps and ISDN/64Kbps digital service. And, with T-BERT 2003, qualify your xDSL and wideband cable modem services.

T-BERT provides industry-standard data testing on a straight-away basis, in the upload and download directions, as seen by your customers. Connection statistics, error performance, throughput and much more are gathered for both directions of transmission. All test results are captured and stored at both ends of the test calls.

T-BERT is offered in a lightweight data test set with all the hardware and software modules contained in the PC platform. Support is provided for testing with internal PCMCIA or external modems. All T-BERT units may be remotely-controlled, allowing complete unattended operation, and system testing. Conduct tens, hundreds or thousands of test calls to help locate those troublesome, intermittent problems.

Our T-BERT Data Analysis module displays results of each test call for both originating and answering T-BERT units. Results are presented in graphic and grid form. Call data performance summaries may be created by selecting filters such as, Line Under Test, Dialed Number, or all calls. Convenient test call and summary reports may be generated, including statistical performance charts. An export utility is included to create test result files for use with popular database and spreadsheet programs such as, Microsoft Excel. Product Brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer recommended.)