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Use Talon Test Systems T-TIMS 93x to automate testing by configuring, running tests and acquiring test data from Sage 930A and 935AT Communications Test Sets. It permits you to select the test type, test measurements, number to dial, number of tests to perform and tag information relevant to the test; for example, Line Under Test, Loop Type and Loop Technology. Tests include 100, 105, 105-Enhanced, 23-Tone, PSQM, PVIT, SMOS and Echo Sounder.

If a Sage 93x is setup as a responder at the far end, T-TIMS can be configured to automatically command it, via modem or network, into the proper responder mode.

T-TIMS 93x can be configured to automatically perform all supported test types 1 to 999 times. After test data has been collected, it can be easily reviewed by scrolling through each call. Product Brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer recommended.)

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